Island Creative Quarantine researches the rapidly changing world from the perspectives of art, media, music, technology, ecology, and society. The Monostori Fortress near Komárom functions as a microcosmos and playground for experiment, thought, and creation.
IslandCQ 2013 'Crisis! Re/Constructing Europe' will be a platform for creating new ideas, tactics, and prototypes for a Europe beyond capitalism, without fossil fuels, and with new networks and communities.
Starting with workshops and lectures, culminating in a two days event on art, music, and technology.
Therefore creating awareness and stimulating discussions about effects on everyday life and contribute to new scenarios for a future Europe.

2-3 May:
Collective program of lectures, worksessions, and discussion

4-10 May:
9 Intensive workshops by 80 international students and lecturers

Opening 10 May 17:00
Exhibition of workshop results, lectures, performances, concerts.
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