Due to the dependency on the ship schedule proceeding between Ameland and the mainland, the wish for a bridge as a supplement has been mentioned.
Ameland is a fantastic and relaxing place to live in, though the people were wishing for even more peace…
The idea about constructing apartment buildings like in Germany in the 20s popped up in peoples mind.
Unfortunately there is no night club in Hollum neither is there a big public swimming pool at the entire island, which arose the dream for creating both of them.
Local people are concerned about their environment and were bringing up the idea of producing more green energy.
pheasant invasion
People with a affection for hunting dream about more pheasants in Ameland, so let’s see, how it could look like in the year 2020…
Social Media connects people and shares news with the world. Get your smartphone and socialise more.
modern building
In contrast to the traditional and cosy place, that Ameland is now, some people are dreaming about some modern building to give some new touch to the island.
no drinking
Grown ups wish for a future with reduced alcohol consume especially by the youngsters.

Who made this?

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Smile. Discover. Learn. Be true to yourself. I’m an optimistic dreamer who believes everything happens for a reason. I’m a first year student of International Media Program at TAMK. I don’t know what I’ll be in ten years but that’s why I’m here for. I see the world as a playfield. I love to read books, search new music, travel and so on. I change my perspective on life every day.

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Motivated and creative Austrian girl, who knows how to enjoy life and can’t get enough from travelling the wold. I am always in a positive mood and with a lot of enthusiasm, no matter what’s on the schedule. The sky might be the limit for a lot of people, but not for me. In my opinion its better to regret in case something didn’t work out instead of always regretting that you never tried.

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What should I write here? It’s always hard to come up with these texts. Ummm… I’m just an ordinary, down-to-earth, awesome dude doing ordinary and awesome stuff, trying to survive life. The usual. Oh yea! I’m from the country where the Finns live. You know, that insanely cold place where people are really depressed and where the penguins and polar bears roam the city streets.

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Hey! I’m Zelma - a girl from Latvia with a tendency to make some art. My biggest dream is to live till I’m 100 years old and to be able to ride a bike at that age. I love drawing and eating potato pancakes. I wish everybody finds their place in the world where they feel the best.

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I´m a student of illustration from the Netherlands. I also like to do projects with film and photography. A very interesting thing is the mix between shadow and light. I can really enjoy listening to classical music, electronical music & hip hop. The most beautiful thing is the morning sun because it can make everyone bright and shiny.