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Budapest-based synth duo SILF, composed of music student Martin Mikolai and Bálint Zalkai, are perhaps an odd inclusion considering their apparently bon vivant music, but only at first listen. The inherent addictively languid “opium house” has nostalgia emanating from their vintage gear. Those who know Mikolai’s solo project S Olbricht and his imprint Farbwechsel will see similarities in SILF.
10 May: SILF (HU)
10 May: Mohlao (NL)
Samuel van Dijk has been releasing atmospheric electronic music since 2009 under a variety of monikers such as VC-118A, Mohlao, Multicast Dynamics and Inward Content (together with Delta Funktionen).
Productions are ranging from spacious, hi-tech electro, techno and textured ambient electronix in which atmosphere, emotion and experimentation play an important role. His dj and live-sets have a narrative structure with concealed melodies, spatial beats and an overall vibrant sound palette that will appeal in both clubs and in the comfort of your own home.
Samuel's focus is on originality, deepness and a lot of dedication. His music is released on various labels such as Lunar Disko, Meanwhile, Trust, Silent Season, Other Heights, Field Records, Tabernacle and Piece Communications.
The Hungarian Soundpainting Society presents: Soundpainting in the Fortress
An interactive realtime composed music show inspired by the location and the participant audience.
Soundpainting is the live composing sign language created in 1974 by Walter Thompson, american composer. Nowadays soundpainting sign language has about 1200 different hand and body gestures. The composer, called Soundpainter, standing in front of the group communicates a series of signs indicating specific material to be performed by the musicians. The Soundpainter develops the responses of the performers, molding and shaping them into the composition then signs another set of gestures, a phrase, and continues in this process of composing the piece.
The foundation of the Hungarian Soundpainting Society was inspired by Vincent Lê Quang course on soundpainting at Franz Liszt Academy of Music. Gryllus Samu, Hungarian composer is the Soundpainter of the group. He has been working as a composer in various theatre and film productions. He earned his BFA from the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in jazz bass guitar in 2001, and then received his MFA in media composition from the University of Performing Arts, Vienna in 2007.
08 May, 20:00, The Hungarian Soundpainting Society
11 May: 8Bit (HU)
The group was established in the summer of 2010 and belongs to those few synthypop groups who make Hungarian songs.
Member of the group: Krisztián Dobrocsi (keyboards, drum programs, vocal) and Gergely Nagy (singer, vocal). They make music mostly together, after that Krisztián intruments it. Geri writes the lyrics.

Krisztián has been addicted to the sound of keyboards since his childhood (Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Alphaville, Depeche Mode and all other based on this instrument).
It was inevitable to begin making his own music. Previously he had made music in the name of Performance, then Arculat, at the beginning of 2000 Le Garage, from 2006 Forteba and Lipuria. Three self-dependent albums at Plastic City music-house, which is the founder of deephouse in Germany.
He is the member of Colourblock.

Geri started to write songs at the age of twelve. He heard of Krisztián’s music (as a member of Arculat group) at a party in a secondary school for the first time. At the beginning of 2000s they met in Garage studio in the town of Vác, where Krisztián and Gábor Paztorális worked as sound-engineers. Thanks to their help a music record called ’Szobrok’ had been completed.
The idea to write synthypop songs occured in 2009, as he thought there is no Hungarian representation of this style.
Thus he turned to Krisztián, who was also thinking of the same idea at the same time.

The first song was made in the summer of 2010.
They appeared on the scene at the first time in the summer of 2012 in Dürer Garden in Budapest on the 12 hours national Depeche Mode fan day.
11 May: Bodem (NL)
Bodem is a dutch freelance astronaut and a part-time DJ/producer with ambitions to play at the first party on the Moon. His dream is to dance on this moonfest until earthrise while playing al kinds of intergalactic tunes for the body, mind and soul. Techno, electro, italo-disco, you name it.
Dancing like there's no gravity.
11 May: Myamo (HU)
Myamo is a 21 year old Hungarian producer from Budapest. He produces experimental bass music, mixing the techniques of sampling and synthetizing in an uncommon way. He has been making music since early 2007, starting with electro, house, and dubstep. His music is influenced by dubtechno, hip hop, and trap.